Research Expertise Database


2D scene analysis : (Mohamed Cheriet)
3D character animation : (Sheldon Andrews)
3D gait analysis : (Rachid Aissaoui)
3D modeling : (Jacques de Guise) , (Roland Maranzana)
3D Shape Search : (Louis Rivest)
3D-TV systems : (Carlos Vázquez)

Acceloromtery : (Rachid Aissaoui)
Acoustical engineering : (Jérémie Voix)
Acoustical materials : (Olivier Doutres)
Acoustics : (Olivier Doutres) , (Jérémie Voix)
Active and hybrid filters : (Kamal Al Haddad)
Active and passive device modeling : (Ammar B. Kouki)
Active power filters : (Ambrish Chandra)
ActiveControl Systems : (Ruxandra Botez)
Adaptative composite structure : (Vladimir Brailovski)
Adaptive and Intelligent systems : (Éric Granger)
Adaptive Control : (Ouassima Akhrif)
Additive manufacturing : (Vladimir Brailovski) , (Yvan Petit)
Additive Manufacturing (post-processing) : (Lucas Hof)
Advanced hearing protection and communication : (Jérémie Voix)
Advanced Manufacturing : (Lucas Hof)
aerodynamic : (Louis Dufresne)
Aerodynamic conception of wind turbine blades : (Christian Masson)
Aerodynamics : (Christian Masson) , (Azzeddine Soulaïmani) , (Ruxandra Botez) , (Julien Weiss)
Aeroelasticity : (Ruxandra Botez) , (Azzeddine Soulaïmani)
Aeronautic : (François Morency)
Aeronautics : (Ouassima Akhrif)
Aeronautics maintenance : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Aeroservoelasticity : (Ruxandra Botez)
Aerospace : (Philippe Bocher) , (Vincent Demers)
Aerospace applications : (Jean-François Chatelain)
Aircraft Modelling and Simulation : (Ruxandra Botez)
Algorithms and traffic engineering : (Nadjia Kara)
Alternative concrete : (Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon)
Ambient intelligence : (Nadjia Kara)
Analog and mixed0signal integrated circuit design (CMOS) : (Ghyslain Gagnon)
Analog and RF integrated circuits : (Nicolas Constantin)
Analog filters : (Dominic Deslandes)
Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters : (Ghyslain Gagnon)
Analysis of GPS big data : (Luc Pellecuer)
Analytical modeling : (Marie-José Nollet)
Android Security : (Chamseddine Talhi)
Animation : (Eric Paquette)
Antennas : (Ammar B. Kouki)
Antennas and Propagation : (Dominic Deslandes)
Architectural style : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Arthritis : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Artificial intelligence : (Sylvie Ratté) , (Luc Duong)
Asphalt mixes : (Michèle St-Jacques)
Assessment : (Marie-José Nollet)
Assessment of climate change impacts : (Annie Levasseur)
Assistive technolgy : (Rachid Aissaoui)
Assistive technology for the visually impaired : (Vincent Lévesque)
Atmospheric boundary layer : (Christian Masson)
Atmospheric dispersion of pollutant : (Christian Masson)
Atmospheric icing : (François Morency)
Atmospheric pollutants : (Romain Lemaire)
Audio signal and data processing : (Jérémie Voix)
Automation and control : (Jean-Pierre Kenné)
Avionic Systems (ADS-B, DME, ILS, GPS, transponder, etc.) : (René Jr Landry)
Avionics : (Frédéric Nabki) , (Vahé Nerguizian)

Bank cheques processing : (Robert Sabourin)
Behavior and fate of urban anthropogenic soils : (Jean-Sébastien Dubé)
Behavior of bridge structures : (Amar Khaled) , (Amar Khaled)
Behavior of telecommunication towers subjected to lateral loads : (Rola Assi)
Bifurcation Theory : (Ouassima Akhrif)
BigData and Data science : (Alain April)
Binders : (Michèle St-Jacques)
Bio Engineering : (Vahé Nerguizian)
BIO MEMS : (Vahé Nerguizian)
Bioactive biomaterials : (Sophie Lerouge)
Biocompatibility : (Sophie Lerouge)
Biodiesel : (Patrice Seers)
Biofuels : (Romain Lemaire)
Bio-fuels and alternative fuels (liquid or gas) : (Patrice Seers)
Bioinformatics platform : (Alain April)
Biomass : (Romain Lemaire)
Biomaterials : (Ricardo Zednik)
Biomaterials, implants : (Sophie Lerouge)
Biomecanic : (Yvan Petit)
Biomechanical modeling : (Natalia Nuño)
Biomechanics : (Yvan Petit) , (Nicola Hagemeister) , (Rachid Aissaoui) , (Jacques de Guise)
Biomedical engineering : (Jacques de Guise)
Biomedical imaging : (Pierre M. Bélanger)
Biomedical implants : (Vladimir Brailovski)
Biometric information exchange : (Christopher Fuhrman)
Biometrics : (Éric Granger) , (Alessandro Lameiras Koerich)
Biometry : (Robert Sabourin)
Biosensors : (Ricardo Izquierdo)
Blockchains : (Kaiwen Zhang)
Bone and joints : (Yvan Petit)
Bone remodeling : (Natalia Nuño)
Branch and Cut Algorithms : (Fausto Errico)
Branch and Price Algorithms : (Fausto Errico)
Building energy simulations : (Danielle Monfet)
Building Envelope’s Energy Systems and Air Tightness Analysis : (Wahid Maref)
Building Information Modeling : (Daniel Forgues)
Building Information Modeling (BIM) : (Conrad Boton)
Building science : (Danielle Monfet)
Building Science and Building Physics : (Wahid Maref)
Building ventilation : (Stéphane Hallé)
Buildings, bridges, wind turbines, foundations and civil works : (Lotfi Guizani)
Business Process Management (BPM) : (Alain April)

CAD Model Comparison : (Louis Rivest)
CAD/CAM : (Jean-François Chatelain)
Calibration of building energy simulations : (Danielle Monfet)
CAM : (Jean-François Chatelain)
Cancel Cell detection : (Vahé Nerguizian)
Cartilage : (Rachid Aissaoui)
Cell therapy : (Sophie Lerouge)
Cementing technique : (Natalia Nuño)
Certification of Helicopter Fight Dynamics Level D : (Ruxandra Botez)
CFD : (François Morency)
Character recognition : (Mohamed Cheriet)
Characterisation of manufactured parts : (Philippe Bocher)
Characterization : (Sylvain G. Cloutier)
Chatter Vibration of Robotic Machining Processes : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Circuits for wireless and optical communications : (Frédéric Nabki)
City logistics : (Fausto Errico)
Clays : (Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon)
Clean machining (no cutting fluid, less noise and less dust emission) : (Victor Songmene)
Climate Change : (Richard Arsenault)
Climate change : (Michel Baraër)
Climate change impacts on water resources : (Annie Poulin)
Cloud computing : (Kim Khoa Nguyen)
Cloud computing and Web-scale IT : (Alain April)
Cloud Security : (Chamseddine Talhi)
Cluster computing : (Tony Wong)
Coding : (François Gagnon)
Cognitive radio networks : (Charles Despins)
Collaborative CAD : (Louis Rivest)
Collaborative Product Development : (Louis Rivest)
Coloured bituminous mixes : (Michèle St-Jacques)
Column Generation : (Fausto Errico)
Combinatorial optimisation and meta-heuristics : (Sègla Jean-Luc Kpodjedo)
Combinatorial Optimization : (Fausto Errico)
Combinatorial optimization : (Christian Desrosiers)
Combustion : (Romain Lemaire) , (Patrice Seers)
Communication and Wireless Communication : (René Jr Landry)
Complete streets : (Luc Pellecuer)
Composite materials : (Marie-José Nollet) , (Omar Chaallal)
Composites : (Anh Dung Ngô)
Computational contact mechanics and articulated mechanisms : (Sheldon Andrews)
Computational electromagnetics : (Ammar B. Kouki)
Computational fluid dynamics : (Stéphane Hallé) , (Christian Masson) , (Azzeddine Soulaïmani)
Computational Geometry : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Computational incertainties : (Azzeddine Soulaïmani)
Computational intelligence : (Tony Wong)
Computer aided surgery : (Jacques de Guise)
Computer and Network Security : (Éric Granger)
Computer applications in construction management : (Adel Francis)
Computer assisted diagnosis : (Ismail Ben Ayed) , (Matthew Toews)
Computer Assisted Surgery : (David Labbé)
Computer graphics : (Eric Paquette)
Computer graphics (2D/3D) : (Luc Duong)
Computer vision : (Luc Duong) , (Ismail Ben Ayed)
Computer Vision : (Hervé Lombaert)
Computer vision : (Alessandro Lameiras Koerich) , (Catherine Laporte) , (Matthew Toews) , (Carlos Vázquez)
Computer-Aided Design : (Roland Maranzana) , (Yvan Petit)
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) : (Louis Rivest)
Computer-aided manufacturing : (Roland Maranzana)
Conception : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Conception of digital receiver and simulator : (René Jr Landry)
Concrete, steel and timber structures : (Lotfi Guizani)
Construction 4D simulation : (Conrad Boton)
Contact and lubrication : (Raynald Guilbault)
Contact problems : (Natalia Nuño)
Continuous improvement : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Continuous improvement of manufacturing processes/products : (Victor Songmene)
Control : (Guy Bogdadi)
Control and management of building energy use : (Katherine D'Avignon)
Control of industrial risks : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Control theory : (David Bensoussan)
Convex optimization algorithms : (Ismail Ben Ayed)
Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks : (Marco Pedersoli)
Crack modeling with boundary element models : (Raynald Guilbault)
Crystalline microtexture measurements : (Philippe Bocher)
Crystallography : (Ricardo Zednik)

Damage mechanics : (Martine Dubé)
Data Analysis : (Gabriel J. Assaf)
Data assimilation : (Richard Arsenault)
Data bases : (Gabriel J. Assaf)
Data center architecture : (Kim Khoa Nguyen)
Data mining : (Christian Desrosiers)
Decision analysis : (Michel Rioux)
Decision support systems : (Mustapha Ouhimmou)
Defect prediction and software testing : (Sègla Jean-Luc Kpodjedo)
Deformation and recrystallisation phenomena : (Philippe Bocher)
Degradation and failure analysis : (Ricardo Zednik)
Design : (Gabriel J. Assaf) , (Saad Bennis)
Design and analysis of mechanical systems : (Simon Joncas)
Design and Development of test Bench : (Wahid Maref)
Design by Features : (Louis Rivest)
Design for manufacturing and assembly : (Victor Songmene) , (Anh Dung Ngô)
Design methodologies : (Claude Thibeault)
Design of electronic systems and microsystems : (Yves Blaquière)
Design of experiments : (Michel Rioux)
Design of manufacturing systems : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Design of orthopaedic prostheses : (Natalia Nuño)
Design of parallel robots : (Ilian Bonev)
Design of pressure vessels : (Hakim Bouzid)
Design of programmable systems (FPGA,CPLD) : (Yves Blaquière)
Design of steel structures : (Dominique Bauer)
Design of very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI, ASIC, CMOS, mix) : (Yves Blaquière)
Design patterns : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Design, analysis, manufacturing and test of composite structures : (Simon Joncas)
Développement de méthodes simplifiées d’analyse sismique des structures et CFOs : (Rola Assi)
Differential Navitation (DGPS, WAAS, EGNOS) : (René Jr Landry)
Digital Chain : (Louis Rivest)
Digital image and video processing : (Carlos Vázquez)
Digital image processing : (Jacques de Guise)
Digital Investigation : (Chamseddine Talhi)
Digital mock-up (DMU) : (Louis Rivest)
Digital Product Development : (Louis Rivest)
Digital transformation : (Louis Rivest)
Direct Editing : (Louis Rivest)
Direct-injection engine : (Patrice Seers)
Distribution and warehousing : (Mustapha Ouhimmou)
Domain-specific languages : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Doped optical fibers : (Bora Ung)
Doppler ultrasound : (Pierre M. Bélanger)
Dstatcom : (Ambrish Chandra)
Dynamic behavior of structures : (Rola Assi) , (Amar Khaled)
Dynamic elastography : (Pierre M. Bélanger)
Dynamic Programming : (Fausto Errico)
Dynamic Stall Methodolgies : (Ruxandra Botez)
Dynamics and Stability of power systems : (Louis-A. Dessaint)
Dynamics of mechanical systems : (Zhaoheng Liu)

Ecoenergetic design : (Daniel R. Rousse)
Electric drive simulation (real-time and offline) : (Handy Fortin Blanchette)
Electric energy : (Kamal Al Haddad)
Electric machinery : (Martin Viens)
Electric machines and drives : (Louis-A. Dessaint)
Electric traction : (Kamal Al Haddad)
Electro hydraulic systems : (Jean-Pierre Kenné)
Electrochemical manufacturing : (Lucas Hof)
Electromagnetic metamaterials : (Bora Ung)
Electromagnetic propagation : (Charles Despins)
Electromagnetics : (Ammar B. Kouki)
Electromechanical systems : (Pascal Bigras)
Electronic materials : (Ricardo Zednik)
Embedded Digital Signal Processing (DSP), real-time and high speed processing : (René Jr Landry)
Embedded electronics in space and aeronautical (satellites-aviation) : (René Jr Landry)
Embedded Systems : (René Jr Landry)
Embedded systems : (Frédéric Nabki)
Embedded systems for sport equipment : (Ricardo Izquierdo)
Emotion Detection : (Patrick Cardinal)
Empirical Software Engineering : (Latifa Guerrouj)
Empirical software engineering : (Sègla Jean-Luc Kpodjedo) , (Roberto Erick Lopez Herrejon) , (Ali Ouni)
Enbedded Systems Virtualization and Security : (Chamseddine Talhi)
Endovascular therapies : (Sophie Lerouge)
Energy conversion : (Kamal Al Haddad)
Energy efficiency in building and in industrial processes : (Daniel R. Rousse)
Energy efficiency in buildings : (Danielle Monfet)
Energy efficiency in buildings and infrastructures : (Katherine D'Avignon)
Energy harvesters : (Frédéric Nabki)
Energy simulation of HVAC systems : (Katherine D'Avignon)
Energy Systems analysis and Energy Performance : (Wahid Maref)
Energy-efficient building : (Stéphane Hallé)
Engineered nanoparticules : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Engineering change management (ECM) : (Louis Rivest)
Engineering Change Propagation : (Louis Rivest)
Engineering economy : (Michel Rioux)
Ensemble of classifiers : (Robert Sabourin)
Ensemble Streamflow Prediction : (Richard Arsenault)
Enterprise Architecture : (François Coallier)
Enterprise architecture and engineering : (James Lapalme)
Environmental and techno-economic assessment of systems (energy, forest, biomass, etc.) : (Annie Levasseur)
Environmental design of products/processes/services : (Annie Levasseur)
Environmental engineering : (Annie Levasseur)
Environmental information management : (Mathias Glaus)
Environmental life cycle assessment : (Annie Levasseur)
Environmental Management / Carbon Trading : (Amin Chaabane)
Environmental performance evaluation (clean processes) : (Mathias Glaus)
Environmental performance indicators : (Mathias Glaus)
Equalization : (François Gagnon)
Estimation and value engineering : (Adel Francis)
Evaluation : (Gabriel J. Assaf)
Event-based systems : (Kaiwen Zhang)
Evolutionary Computation : (Éric Granger)
Experimental investigation : (Omar Chaallal)
Experimental Methods : (Julien Weiss)
Experimental Methods and Procedures : (Wahid Maref)
Experimental soil mechanics : (François Duhaime)
Experimental studies : (Romain Lemaire)
Extremum-Seeking Control : (Lyne Woodward)

Face detection and classification : (Matthew Toews)
Face recognition : (Alessandro Lameiras Koerich)
Faces recognition : (Éric Granger)
Facilities planning : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Facility Location Models / Facilities Planning : (Amin Chaabane)
Fading channels : (François Gagnon)
Fast prototyping for telecommunications and video aplications : (Claude Thibeault)
Fatigue : (Lotfi Guizani)
Fatigue and creep : (Philippe Bocher)
Fatigue behavior of structures : (Georges El-Saikaly)
Fault Tolerance : (Claude Thibeault)
Feature Extraction : (Louis Rivest)
Feature selection : (Robert Sabourin)
Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials : (Georges El-Saikaly)
Filterless (gridless) coherent optical networking : (Christine Tremblay)
Fine-grained classification : (Alessandro Lameiras Koerich)
Finite Element Analysis : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Finite element analysis : (Hakim Bouzid)
Finite element modelling and numerical simulation of FRP-strengthened structures : (Georges El-Saikaly)
Finite element software development : (Tan Pham)
Finite elements : (Anh Dung Ngô) , (Ruxandra Botez)
Finite elements analysis of nonlinear solid mechanics problems : (Patrick Terriault)
Finite elements and meshless methods : (Azzeddine Soulaïmani)
Finitie element analysis : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Fire : (Patrice Seers)
Fixation of implants : (Natalia Nuño)
Flexible transit systems : (Fausto Errico)
Flight Dynamics : (Ruxandra Botez)
Flight Management System Flight Trajectories Optimisations : (Ruxandra Botez)
Flight Tests : (Ruxandra Botez)
Flood : (Saad Bennis)
Flow in porous media : (François Duhaime)
Fluid dynamics : (Louis Dufresne) , (Christian Masson)
Fluid flow in deformable porous media : (Tan Pham)
Fluid Mechanics : (Julien Weiss)
Fluid Mechanics and CFD Modelling : (Wahid Maref)
Fluid simulation : (Eric Paquette)
Fluid Structure Interactions : (Ruxandra Botez)
Flutter : (Ruxandra Botez)
Fondation : (Michel Vaillancourt)
Force control : (Pascal Bigras)
Forest products sector : (Tasseda Boukherroub)
Forest sector : (Mustapha Ouhimmou)
Formal language : (Sylvie Ratté)
Fractography : (Ricardo Zednik)
Fracture mechanics : (Martine Dubé)
Fuel spray : (Patrice Seers)
Functional and intelligent materials : (Ricardo Zednik)
Functional assessment : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Fuzzy logic methods : (Ruxandra Botez)

Gas turbine : (Patrice Seers)
Gaskets, seals and packings : (Hakim Bouzid)
Genetic algorithms : (Robert Sabourin)
Genetic programming : (Robert Sabourin)
Geometric design of roads : (Luc Pellecuer)
Geometric Modeling : (Roland Maranzana)
Geometric tolerance (GD & T) : (Souheil-Antoine Tahan)
Geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology of Champlain clays : (François Duhaime)
Geothermal systems : (Louis Lamarche)
Glaciology : (Michel Baraër)
GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) : (René Jr Landry)
GPGPU programming : (Carlos Vázquez)
Graph cut algorithms : (Ismail Ben Ayed)
Graph mathing : (Sègla Jean-Luc Kpodjedo)
Graph theory : (Christian Desrosiers)
Graphical modeling of project planning : (Adel Francis)
Green ICT : (Kim Khoa Nguyen)
Grinding : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Groundwater : (François Duhaime)
Guides waves : (Pierre M. Bélanger)

Handwriting recognition : (Mohamed Cheriet) , (Robert Sabourin)
Handwritten and printed document : (Robert Sabourin)
Handwritten character recognition : (Robert Sabourin)
Handwritten signature verification : (Robert Sabourin)
Haptic interfaces : (Vincent Lévesque)
Haptics : (Vincent Duchaine)
Harmonic compensation : (Ambrish Chandra)
Harmonics and quality of power : (Kamal Al Haddad)
Health 4.0 : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Health and safety at work : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Health care technologies : (Jacques de Guise)
Health technologie assessement : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Health technology : (Sophie Lerouge)
Healthcare process modeling and reengineering : (Rita Noumeir)
Healthcare standards : (Rita Noumeir)
Hearing proctection : (Jérémie Voix)
Hearing protectors : (Olivier Doutres)
Heat induction : (Kamal Al Haddad)
Heat resistant materials : (Vincent Demers)
Heat transfer : (François Morency) , (Tan Pham) , (Stéphane Hallé) , (Louis Lamarche)
Heat treatment : (Philippe Bocher)
Heat treatments and brazing : (Vincent Demers)
Helicopter Modelling and Simulation : (Ruxandra Botez)
Hidden markov models (HMM) : (Robert Sabourin)
High performance machining : (Jean-François Chatelain)
High performance routing and switching : (Kim Khoa Nguyen)
High precision positioning and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) : (René Jr Landry)
High-frequency interconnects : (Dominic Deslandes)
Hight performance, clean & high speed machining : (Victor Songmene)
Hot mix asphalt : (Alan Carter)
Human factors : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Human-computer interaction : (Vincent Lévesque)
Hybrid sources of electric energy : (Louis-A. Dessaint)
Hybrid vehicle simulation : (Henri Champliaud)
Hydraulic : (Saad Bennis)
Hydraulic properties of coarse porous media : (Jean-Sébastien Dubé)
Hydraulics : (Michel Baraër) , (François Brissette)
Hydrodynamic stability and transition : (Louis Dufresne)
Hydrodynamics : (Azzeddine Soulaïmani)
Hydrodynamics of unsaturated heterogeneous porous media : (Jean-Sébastien Dubé)
Hydroforming and formability of materials : (Victor Songmene)
Hydrogel : (Sophie Lerouge)
Hydrogeology : (Michel Baraër)
Hydrologic Forecasting : (Richard Arsenault)
Hydrologic modelling : (Richard Arsenault) , (François Brissette)
Hydrological modelling : (Annie Poulin)
Hydrology : (Annie Poulin) , (François Brissette) , (Michel Baraër) , (Saad Bennis)
Hydrology of glacier basin : (Michel Baraër)
Hydrometeorology : (François Brissette)
Hygrothermal Performance Analysis of Building Envelope : (Wahid Maref)

Ice protection systems : (François Morency)
Illumination : (Eric Paquette)
Image analysis : (Catherine Laporte)
Image processing : (Ismail Ben Ayed) , (Matthew Toews)
Image registration : (Matthew Toews)
Image segmentation : (Ismail Ben Ayed)
Impact of climate change on water resources : (François Brissette)
Impedance control : (Vincent Duchaine)
Improvement of material properties : (Philippe Bocher)
In situ analysis of contaminated soils and granular materials : (Jean-Sébastien Dubé)
Incremental and On-Line Learning : (Éric Granger)
Incremental learning and novelty : (Robert Sabourin)
Individual mobility and advanced transportation (cybernetic transportation systems) : (Mathias Glaus)
Indoor positioning and navigation : (René Jr Landry)
Induction hardening : (Philippe Bocher)
Industrial acoustics : (Olivier Doutres)
Industrial automation : (Guy Bogdadi)
Industrial control system optimization : (Tony Wong)
Industrial electronics : (Kamal Al Haddad)
Industrial Engineering : (Amin Chaabane)
Industrial engineering : (Michel Rioux) , (Sylvie Nadeau)
Industrial instrumentation : (Guy Bogdadi)
Industrial project management : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Industrial robotics and automation : (Ilian Bonev)
Industry 4.0 : (Sylvie Nadeau) , (Louis Rivest)
Industry 4.0 (mass-personalization) : (Lucas Hof)
Inertial Navigation System (INS) : (René Jr Landry)
In-flight icing : (François Morency)
Information and knowledge management : (James Lapalme)
Information systems : (James Lapalme)
Information Systems : (Amin Chaabane)
Information Technologies applied to Construction : (Conrad Boton)
Information technology and communication in construction : (Daniel Forgues)
Information theory : (Matthew Toews)
Information Visualization : (Conrad Boton)
Innovation management : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Innovative seismic technologies: base isolation, damping, etc. : (Lotfi Guizani)
Inspection : (Roland Maranzana)
Instrumentation : (Louis Lamarche)
Integrated design and construction : (Daniel Forgues)
Integrated design management system for mega projects : (Adel Francis)
Integrated modelling of structures : (Dominique Bauer)
Integrated sensors and actuators : (Frédéric Nabki)
Integration with grid : (Ambrish Chandra)
Intelligent materials and systems : (Patrick Terriault)
Intelligent visual interfaces to sustain collaborative work and research in telepresence : (Mohamed Cheriet)
Interaction design : (Vincent Lévesque)
Interface circuits for sensors : (Frédéric Nabki)
Interfaces between materials : (Nicole R. Demarquette)
Intermodal transportation : (Mustapha Ouhimmou)
Internal combustion engine (diesel and spark ignition) : (Patrice Seers)
International project management : (Conrad Boton)
Internet of Things (IoT) : (François Coallier)
Interoperability in healthcare : (Rita Noumeir)
Intrusion Detection for Smartphones : (Chamseddine Talhi)
Inverse dynamics : (Rachid Aissaoui)
IP telephony : (Michel Kadoch)
ISO standardisation for Software Product Quality Evaluation : (Witold Suryn)
IT Governance : (François Coallier)
IT Management : (James Lapalme)
IT Service Management : (François Coallier)
Item recommendation : (Christian Desrosiers)

Kinematics : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Kinetic modeling : (Romain Lemaire)
Knee : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Knowledge representation : (Sylvie Ratté)

Laminar to turbulent Flow Transition cCntroller : (Ruxandra Botez)
Language Identification : (Patrick Cardinal)
Language models for document recognition and understanding : (Mohamed Cheriet)
Large-scale distributed systems : (Kaiwen Zhang)
Laser and optical fiber technologies : (Christine Tremblay)
Laser diagnostics : (Romain Lemaire)
Lean aeronautics : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Lean Construction : (Daniel Forgues)
Lean engineering : (Yvan Beauregard)
Lean manufacturing : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Lean mining : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Learning algorithms and classification methods : (Mohamed Cheriet)
Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Sustainable operations : (Amin Chaabane)
Light-emitting diodes : (Sylvain G. Cloutier)
Linear and efficient power amplifiers : (Ammar B. Kouki)
Linguistic engineering : (Sylvie Ratté)
Local invariant features : (Matthew Toews)
Local networks : (Michel Kadoch)
lockout/tagout : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Locomotion system : (Jacques de Guise)
Logistics : (Mustapha Ouhimmou)
Logistics / Warehouse management and Transportation : (Amin Chaabane)

Machinabilty of metallic materials and composites : (Victor Songmene)
Machine learning : (Robert Sabourin) , (Alessandro Lameiras Koerich)
Machine Learning : (Hervé Lombaert)
Machine learning : (Christian Desrosiers) , (Matthew Toews)
Machine learning and pattern recognition : (Ismail Ben Ayed)
Machining : (Roland Maranzana)
Maintenance : (Gabriel J. Assaf)
Maintenance & reliability : (Michel Rioux)
Maintenance management : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Maintenance policies : (Jean-Pierre Kenné)
Management of megaprojects : (Daniel Forgues)
Manufacturing management : (Thien-My Dao)
Manufacturing processes : (Philippe Bocher)
Manufacturing system : (Thien-My Dao)
Manufacturing systems : (Jean-Pierre Kenné)
Markov random fields (MRF) : (Ismail Ben Ayed)
Masonry : (Marie-José Nollet)
Mass transport in unsaturated heterogeneous porous media : (Jean-Sébastien Dubé)
Massively multiplayer online games : (Kaiwen Zhang)
Material characterization : (Vincent Demers) , (Vladimir Brailovski)
Material forming processes (thermoplastics, composites, metals) : (Tan Pham)
Material processing by plastic deformation : (Vladimir Brailovski)
Materials : (Sophie Lerouge)
Materials characterisation : (Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon)
Materials fonctionalisation : (Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon)
Materials science and engineering : (Ricardo Zednik)
Materials technology : (Jean-Luc Fihey)
Mathematical Programming : (Fausto Errico)
Measurement and prediction of power converters EMI performances : (Handy Fortin Blanchette)
Measurements in energy : (Daniel R. Rousse)
Mechanical characterization of composite materials : (Simon Joncas)
Mechanical design : (Anh Dung Ngô) , (Patrick Terriault)
Mechanisms and assembly : (Henri Champliaud)
Mechatronics : (Vincent Duchaine) , (Lucas Hof) , (Jérémie Voix)
Medical devices et protective devices : (Yvan Petit)
Medical image analysis : (Rita Noumeir)
Medical Image Analysis : (Hervé Lombaert)
Medical image analysis : (Ismail Ben Ayed) , (Matthew Toews)
Medical image visualization : (Rita Noumeir)
Medical imaging : (Catherine Laporte)
Medical Imaging : (Jacques de Guise) , (Luc Duong)
MEMS Sensors (Systèmes Micro Électroniques) and RFID : (René Jr Landry)
Meta heuristic : (Thien-My Dao)
Metal injection molding (MIM) : (Vincent Demers)
Methods and tools for microelectronic design : (Yves Blaquière)
Metrology : (Souheil-Antoine Tahan)
MIC/MMIC : (Vahé Nerguizian)
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) : (Vahé Nerguizian)
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) : (Ricardo Zednik)
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and opto-electromechanical systems (MOEMS) : (Frédéric Nabki)
Microelectronic : (Claude Thibeault)
Microelectronics : (Vahé Nerguizian) , (Yves Blaquière) , (François Gagnon)
Micro-fabrication : (Frédéric Nabki)
Microfluidic systems : (Vahé Nerguizian)
Micro-machining (hard-to-machine materials) : (Lucas Hof)
Microstructured optical fibers : (Bora Ung)
Microsystems and devices : (Ricardo Zednik)
Microsystems and nanosystems (MEMS and NEMS) : (Ricardo Izquierdo)
Microwave engineering : (David Bensoussan)
Microwaves : (Ammar B. Kouki) , (Vahé Nerguizian)
MIMO systems : (Ammar B. Kouki)
Mine 4.0 : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Mineral extraction : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Mining Software Repositories : (Latifa Guerrouj)
Mixed mode circuits in discrete technologies : (Nicolas Constantin)
Mobile and wearable haptics : (Vincent Lévesque)
Mobile communication : (François Gagnon)
Mobile radio systems : (Charles Despins)
Mobile video applications : (Stéphane Coulombe)
Model Calibration : (Richard Arsenault)
Model Driven Software Engineering : (Chamseddine Talhi)
Model transformation : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Model-Based Definition (MBD) : (Louis Rivest)
Model-driven development : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Modeling : (Pascal Bigras)
Modeling and Dynamics of Linear and Non-linear Systems : (Lyne Woodward)
Modeling and Simulation of Metal Forming Processes : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Modeling of energetic phenomena : (Daniel R. Rousse)
Modelisation : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Modelling and characterization of materials : (Tan Pham)
Modelling and meta-modelling : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Modelling and Numerical Simulation of heat and moisture transfer in building : (Wahid Maref)
Modelling of social and environmental impacts : (Luc Pellecuer)
Modulation : (François Gagnon)
Monitoring of structures : (Dominique Bauer)
Morphing Wing Modelling : (Ruxandra Botez)
Morpho functional evaluation : (Jacques de Guise)
Motion analysis system : (Rachid Aissaoui)
Motion capture : (Sheldon Andrews)
Motion capture and analysis : (David Labbé)
Motor rehabilitation and motor learning : (David Labbé)
MPLS networks and VPN : (Michel Kadoch)
Multi-body dynamics : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Multicast services : (Michel Kadoch)
Multi-Classifier Systems : (Éric Granger)
Multi-criteria decision making and optimization : (Tasseda Boukherroub)
Multidisciplinary methods for environmental site assessment : (Jean-Sébastien Dubé)
Multidisciplinary optimisation : (François Morency)
Multi-disciplinary Product Development : (Louis Rivest)
Multifunctional fibers : (Bora Ung)
Multilingual document processing and understanding : (Mohamed Cheriet)
Multimedia and image processing : (Luc Duong)
Multimedia applications and services : (Nadjia Kara)
Multimedia transcoding : (Stéphane Coulombe)
Multimodal systems : (Chakib Tadj)
Multi-objective timetable optimization : (Tony Wong)
Multiple and smart antennas : (Ammar B. Kouki)
Multi-streams waste management : (Mathias Glaus)
Multiview video coding : (Carlos Vázquez)
Musculoskeletal disorders : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Music and audio information retrieval : (Alessandro Lameiras Koerich)

Nano flows : (François Morency)
Nanofabrication : (Sylvain G. Cloutier)
Nanomaterials : (Sylvain G. Cloutier) , (Ricardo Izquierdo)
Nanoparticles : (Stéphane Hallé)
Nanoparticles (formation and captation) : (Victor Songmene)
Nanostructured materials : (Vladimir Brailovski)
Nanostructures : (Sylvain G. Cloutier)
Nanotechnologies : (Sylvain G. Cloutier) , (Ricardo Izquierdo)
National and International Building Codes and Standards Development : (Wahid Maref)
Natural phenomena simulation : (Eric Paquette)
Navigation Robustness, jamming and anti-jamming technologies : (René Jr Landry)
Navigation, Guidance and Control (NGC) : (René Jr Landry)
Network deployment : (Charles Despins)
Network management : (Michel Kadoch)
Network modeling : (Kim Khoa Nguyen)
Network optimization : (Kim Khoa Nguyen)
Network virtualization : (Kim Khoa Nguyen)
Neural network : (Thien-My Dao)
Neural networks : (Robert Sabourin)
Neural Networks Methods : (Ruxandra Botez)
Next generation networks : (Michel Kadoch)
Noise : (Olivier Doutres)
Noise Control : (Jérémie Voix)
Non linearity (geometric, material, rubber, composites) : (Henri Champliaud)
Nondestructive evaluation and testing : (Martin Viens)
Nondestructive testing : (Pierre M. Bélanger)
Non-linear behaviour of structures : (Hakim Bouzid)
Nonlinear Control : (Ouassima Akhrif) , (Ouassima Akhrif)
Nonlinear control : (Vincent Duchaine) , (Jean-Pierre Kenné)
Nonlinear Dynamics : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Nonlinear Electric Drives : (Ouassima Akhrif)
Nonlinear finite element method : (Tan Pham)
Nonlinear System : (Ouassima Akhrif)
Numerical analyses : (Patrick Terriault)
Numerical and experimental methods : (Natalia Nuño)
Numerical methods : (Jean-Pierre Kenné) , (Louis Dufresne)
Numerical modelling and programming : (François Duhaime)
Numerical simulation and modeling of reacting flow : (Patrice Seers)
Nutrients removal and valorisation from wastwater : (Frédéric Monette)

Object-oriented software : (Christopher Fuhrman)
Occupational safety : (Anh Dung Ngô)
Offline programming (ABB) : (Ilian Bonev)
Ongoing commissioning of mechanical systems : (Danielle Monfet)
Ontology : (Sylvie Ratté)
Operation scheduling : (Thien-My Dao)
Operations management : (Yvan Beauregard)
Optical communications : (Bora Ung)
Optical fiber communications : (Christine Tremblay)
Optical fiber tests and measurements : (Christine Tremblay)
Optical micro-spectroscopy : (Sylvain G. Cloutier)
Optical networks : (Christine Tremblay)
Optics & photonics : (Bora Ung)
Optimal control : (Pascal Bigras)
Optimal Control : (Ouassima Akhrif)
Optimization : (Michel Rioux)
Optimization / Operational Research : (Amin Chaabane)
Optimization Algorithms and Optimal Control : (Lyne Woodward)
Optimization of manufacturing processes : (Vincent Demers)
Optoelectronic devices : (Sylvain G. Cloutier)
Organic solar cells and light emitting diodes (OLED) : (Ricardo Izquierdo)
Orthopaedics : (David Labbé)
Orthopeadics : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Osteoarthritis : (Rachid Aissaoui)
Oxycombustion : (Romain Lemaire)

Packaging : (Vahé Nerguizian)
Parallel calculation : (François Morency)
Parallel Processing : (Patrick Cardinal)
Parallel programming : (Tony Wong)
Parameter Estimation Methods : (Ruxandra Botez)
Parralel distributed computing : (Azzeddine Soulaïmani)
Participatory planning : (Tasseda Boukherroub)
Pattern recognition : (Mohamed Cheriet)
Pattern Recognition : (Éric Granger)
Pattern recognition : (Alessandro Lameiras Koerich) , (Catherine Laporte)
Pattern recognition and inspection : (Robert Sabourin)
Pattern recognition and machine learning : (Luc Duong)
Pavement : (Gabriel J. Assaf)
Pavement design : (Alan Carter)
Pavement geotechnics : (Michel Vaillancourt)
Pavement management : (Luc Pellecuer)
PDE based models for image enhancement, denoising and restoration : (Mohamed Cheriet)
Performance analysis of telecommunication networks : (Michel Kadoch)
Performance evaluation : (Tasseda Boukherroub)
Pervasive computing : (Chakib Tadj)
Petroleum-derived fuels : (Romain Lemaire)
Phase-locked loops (PLL) : (Ghyslain Gagnon)
Photonic devices : (Bora Ung)
Physical human-robot interaction : (Vincent Duchaine)
Plasmonics : (Bora Ung)
Plasticity, creep and relaxation : (Hakim Bouzid)
Pollutant emissions : (Patrice Seers)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons : (Romain Lemaire)
Polymer blends : (Nicole R. Demarquette)
Polymer nanocomposites : (Nicole R. Demarquette)
Polymer processing : (Nicole R. Demarquette)
Polymer Rheology : (Nicole R. Demarquette)
Polymers : (Nicole R. Demarquette)
Position control : (Pascal Bigras)
Postal applications : (Robert Sabourin)
Power converters modeling and high density packaging : (Handy Fortin Blanchette)
Power converters real time simulation on FPGA : (Handy Fortin Blanchette)
Power electronics : (Kamal Al Haddad)
Power quality : (Ambrish Chandra)
Power supply : (Kamal Al Haddad)
Power Systems Control : (Ouassima Akhrif)
Precision robotics : (Ilian Bonev)
Prevention : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Printed electronics : (Ricardo Izquierdo)
Probabilistic models : (Catherine Laporte)
Problem solving methodology : (Michel Rioux)
Process capability : (Souheil-Antoine Tahan)
Process control : (Guy Bogdadi)
Process Control : (Lyne Woodward)
Process improvement of software maintenance : (Alain April)
Process instrumentation : (Martin Viens)
Process Reingineering : (Daniel Forgues)
Processing of composite materials : (Martine Dubé)
Product Data Management (PDM) : (Louis Rivest)
Product development : (Yvan Beauregard)
Product lifecycle management (PLM) : (Louis Rivest)
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) : (Roland Maranzana)
Production and Operation Management : (Amin Chaabane)
Production management : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Production planning : (Jean-Pierre Kenné)
Productivity : (Daniel Forgues)
Productivity, quality, machining strategies and optimisation : (Victor Songmene)
Programmable graphics hardware and GPU : (Eric Paquette)
Project management : (Michel Rioux) , (Yvan Beauregard)
Propagation and scattering : (Ammar B. Kouki)
Prosthesis : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Pump : (Saad Bennis)

Quality : (Michel Rioux) , (Souheil-Antoine Tahan)
Quality management : (Yvan Beauregard)
Quality Management / Statistical Process Control : (Amin Chaabane)
Quality of service : (Michel Kadoch)
Quality of software design : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Quaternion : (Rachid Aissaoui)

Radiofrequency (RF), analog and mixed microelectronics : (Frédéric Nabki)
Realistic image synthesis : (Eric Paquette)
Real-time animation of virtual characters : (David Labbé)
Real-time Optimization of Systems and Industrial Processes : (Lyne Woodward)
Real-time physics simulation : (Sheldon Andrews)
Real-time simulation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems : (Tony Wong)
Recycled asphalt : (Alan Carter)
Recycled materials in bituminous materials : (Alan Carter)
Refactoring : (Christopher Fuhrman)
Refactoring of software systems : (Ali Ouni)
Regionalisation : (Richard Arsenault)
Rehabililtation and strengthening of bridge structures : (Amar Khaled)
Rehabilitation : (Marie-José Nollet) , (Gabriel J. Assaf) , (Saad Bennis)
Rehabilitation engineering : (Rachid Aissaoui)
Reinforced and prestressed concrete : (Georges El-Saikaly)
Reinforced concrete : (Omar Chaallal)
Reliability and Optimization : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Reliability and predictive maintenance : (Souheil-Antoine Tahan)
Reliability, risk and safety assessment : (Hakim Bouzid)
Renewable energy : (Ambrish Chandra)
Representative sampling of contaminated soil and granular materials : (Jean-Sébastien Dubé)
Residual stress : (Philippe Bocher)
Residual stresses : (Ricardo Zednik)
Resource management in next generation networks : (Nadjia Kara)
Reverse engineering of software : (Roberto Erick Lopez Herrejon)
RF and microwave circuits : (Dominic Deslandes)
RF circuit modelling : (Dominic Deslandes)
RF circuits and front-ends : (Ammar B. Kouki)
RF microelectronics and microwaves circuits for wireless communication : (Nicolas Constantin)
RF transmitters and receivers : (Nicolas Constantin)
Risk integration : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Risk management : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Road : (Gabriel J. Assaf)
Road auscultation : (Michel Vaillancourt)
Road design and rehabilitation : (Michel Vaillancourt)
Road safety : (Michèle St-Jacques)
Road Safety : (Luc Pellecuer)
Roadway and geometric design : (Michèle St-Jacques)
Robot calibration : (Ilian Bonev)
Robot machining : (Ilian Bonev)
Robotic arc welding : (Jean-Luc Fihey)
Robotic control : (Pascal Bigras)
Robotics : (Vincent Duchaine) , (Zhaoheng Liu)
Robust and stochastic programming in supply chain : (Mustapha Ouhimmou)
Robust control : (Pascal Bigras) , (David Bensoussan)
Robust Control : (Ouassima Akhrif)

SaaS and mobile applications : (Alain April)
Safety critical software : (Christopher Fuhrman)
Satellite image analysis : (Ismail Ben Ayed)
Satellite radio-navigation (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Compass) : (René Jr Landry)
Search-based software engineering : (Roberto Erick Lopez Herrejon) , (Ali Ouni)
Secure data transmission : (Georges Kaddoum)
Security and privacy in healthcare : (Rita Noumeir)
Security Policies and Security Mechanisms : (Chamseddine Talhi)
Seismic analysis and design : (Omar Chaallal)
Seismic behavior of operational and functional components (OFCs) : (Rola Assi)
Seismic design and analysis : (Lotfi Guizani)
Seismic retrofit : (Omar Chaallal)
Seismic vulnerability : (Marie-José Nollet)
Semantic interpretation of natural languages : (Sylvie Ratté)
Semi-autonomous vehicules : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Sensitivity analyses : (Richard Arsenault)
Sensors and actuators : (Ricardo Zednik)
Service design : (Tony Wong)
Service engineering for communication networks : (Nadjia Kara)
Service-oriented computing : (Ali Ouni)
Sewer : (Saad Bennis)
Shape memory alloys : (Vladimir Brailovski)
Shape memory alloys - modelling and characterization : (Patrick Terriault)
Sheet metal forming, crowning : (Henri Champliaud)
Shoulder : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Signal integrity : (Dominic Deslandes) , (Dominic Deslandes)
Signal processing : (Charles Despins) , (François Gagnon) , (Ghyslain Gagnon) , (Georges Kaddoum)
Silicon photonics : (Frédéric Nabki) , (Christine Tremblay)
Simulation : (Michel Rioux) , (Jean-Pierre Kenné) , (Charles Despins) , (Thien-My Dao) , (Pascal Bigras)
Simulation and control of linear systems : (Martin Viens)
Simulation and control of power systems : (Louis-A. Dessaint)
Simulation and Control Technologie : (Ruxandra Botez)
Simulation and development of inspection devices : (Martin Viens)
Simulation of energetic systems : (Louis Lamarche)
Simulation of manufacturing processes (welding, rolling, spinning, etc). : (Henri Champliaud)
Simulation of mechanical systems : (Louis Lamarche)
Simulation of telecommunication networks : (Michel Kadoch)
Simulation-based optimization : (Tan Pham)
Small-scale and Full-scale experimentation in laboratories and in-situ : (Wahid Maref)
Smart actuators : (Patrick Terriault)
Smart Cities : (François Coallier)
Smart Technologies : (Kim Khoa Nguyen)
Social and organizational innovation : (James Lapalme)
Socioeconomical study : (Nicola Hagemeister)
Software Analytics : (Latifa Guerrouj)
Software architecture : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi) , (Roger Champagne)
Software certification : (Christopher Fuhrman)
Software customization : (Roberto Erick Lopez Herrejon)
Software defined radio : (François Gagnon)
Software design : (Christopher Fuhrman)
Software Design : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Software design patterns : (Christopher Fuhrman)
Software Engineering : (François Coallier)
Software Engineering Processes : (Witold Suryn)
Software evolution : (Roberto Erick Lopez Herrejon)
Software Evolution : (Latifa Guerrouj)
Software evolution : (Sègla Jean-Luc Kpodjedo)
Software Maintenance : (Latifa Guerrouj)
Software maintenance and evolution : (Ali Ouni)
Software metrics : (Christopher Fuhrman)
Software product lines : (Roberto Erick Lopez Herrejon)
Software quality : (Ali Ouni)
Software quality assurance : (Alain April)
Software Quality Engineering : (Witold Suryn)
Software re-engineering : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Software refactoring : (Ghizlane El Boussaidi)
Software requirements : (Rita Noumeir)
Software testing : (Rita Noumeir) , (Roberto Erick Lopez Herrejon)
Software verification and validation : (Christopher Fuhrman)
Software-defined networking : (Kaiwen Zhang)
Soils mechanics : (Michel Vaillancourt)
Soil-structure interaction : (Omar Chaallal)
Solar cells : (Sylvain G. Cloutier)
Solar energy : (Ambrish Chandra)
Solid fuels : (Romain Lemaire)
Solid mechanics : (Tan Pham)
Soot : (Romain Lemaire)
Space telecommunication : (Georges Kaddoum)
Spectroscopy FTI : (Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon)
Speech and signal processing : (Chakib Tadj)
Speech Recognition : (Patrick Cardinal)
Sports biomechanics and injury prevention : (David Labbé)
Statcom : (Ambrish Chandra)
Static and dynamic analysis of mechanical transmissions; : (Raynald Guilbault)
Static and dynamic tightness tsting : (Hakim Bouzid)
Statistical methods, design of experiments and response surface methodology : (Victor Songmene)
Stents : (Patrick Terriault)
Stereoscopic and multiview imaging : (Carlos Vázquez)
Stochastic optimization : (Richard Arsenault)
Stochastic processes : (Jean-Pierre Kenné)
Stochastic Programming : (Fausto Errico)
Strategic and tactical planning in supply chain : (Mustapha Ouhimmou)
Strategy and governance : (James Lapalme)
Strengthening : (Omar Chaallal)
Strengthening and rehabilitation of concrete structures : (Georges El-Saikaly)
Stress analysis : (Vladimir Brailovski) , (Hakim Bouzid) , (Natalia Nuño)
Stress analysis (finite element) and experimentations : (Henri Champliaud)
Stress shielding : (Natalia Nuño)
Structural Behavior of highway and railway bridges : (Rola Assi)
Structural health monitoring : (Pierre M. Bélanger)
Structure : (Marie-José Nollet)
Structure design and analysis : (Georges El-Saikaly)
Structures : (Omar Chaallal) , (Lotfi Guizani)
Supply chain design and planning : (Mustapha Ouhimmou) , (Tasseda Boukherroub)
Supply Chain Management (SCM) : (Amin Chaabane)
Surface characterization and modifications : (Sophie Lerouge)
Surfaces and interfaces : (Ricardo Zednik)
Sustainable and renewable energy : (Daniel R. Rousse)
Sustainable computing : (Kim Khoa Nguyen)
Sustainable construction : (Daniel Forgues)
Sustainable development : (Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon)
Sustainable development and social responsibility : (Tasseda Boukherroub)
Sustainable mobility in urban areas : (Luc Pellecuer)
Sustainable supply chains : (Tasseda Boukherroub)
SWEBOK – Software Engineering Body of Knowledge : (Witold Suryn)
Synamic programming : (Jean-Pierre Kenné)
Synchronization of communication systems : (Ghyslain Gagnon)
System and software architecture : (Rita Noumeir)
System design : (Thien-My Dao)
System design optimization : (Thien-My Dao)
System modelling : (Thien-My Dao)
Systemic approach : (Conrad Boton)
Systems and critical thinking : (James Lapalme)
Systems Engineering : (François Coallier)
Systems integration : (Sylvie Nadeau)
Systems on chip (SoC) : (Frédéric Nabki)

Tabu search : (Thien-My Dao)
Tactile displays and surface haptics : (Vincent Lévesque)
Tactile sensing : (Vincent Duchaine)
Tansfer, conservation, conversion, and production of energy : (Daniel R. Rousse)
Technology design and adoption : (James Lapalme)
Technology Governance : (François Coallier)
Telecommunication protocols : (Michel Kadoch)
Telecommunications : (Vahé Nerguizian)
Telehealth : (Nadjia Kara)
Terahertz waveguides : (Bora Ung)
Test and diagnosis of integrated circuits : (Claude Thibeault)
Test and functional verification of microelectronic circuits and systems : (Yves Blaquière)
Test methods for analog and RF circuits and systems, in IC technologies and discrete components : (Nicolas Constantin)
Thermal analysis : (Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon)
Thermal cracking of flexible pavement : (Alan Carter)
Thermal storage : (Katherine D'Avignon)
Thermal, structural, modal, spectral and seismic analysis : (Henri Champliaud)
Thermo fluid : (François Morency)
Thick and thin films : (Ricardo Zednik)
Tightness and contacts : (Henri Champliaud)
Tire/pavement noise : (Alan Carter)
Tool wear, tool life and cutting tool performance : (Victor Songmene)
Tools for decision-making process : (Mathias Glaus)
Traceability and RFID : (Amin Chaabane)
Traffic analyses : (Michèle St-Jacques)
Traffic calming : (Michèle St-Jacques)
Traffic emissions : (Luc Pellecuer)
Traffic Signs and Markings : (Michèle St-Jacques)
Transducer development : (Pierre M. Bélanger)
Transit system modeling and planning : (Fausto Errico)
Transmission lines : (Dominic Deslandes)
Tribology (lubrification, friction and wear) : (Hakim Bouzid)
Tridimensional inspection : (Jean-François Chatelain)

Ultrasound : (Pierre M. Bélanger)
Ultrasound imaging : (Catherine Laporte)
Ultrasound Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) : (René Jr Landry)
Umanned Aerial System Modeling and Simulation : (Ruxandra Botez)
Uncertainty measurement : (Souheil-Antoine Tahan)
Unity power factor rectifiers : (Kamal Al Haddad)
UPQC : (Ambrish Chandra)
Urban hydraulics : (Annie Poulin)

Value chain network optimization : (Mustapha Ouhimmou)
Variational and level set methods : (Ismail Ben Ayed)
Variational models with level-sets for image segmentation : (Mohamed Cheriet)
Vascular system : (Jacques de Guise)
Vehicle dynamics : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Vehicle routing problems : (Fausto Errico)
Verification : (Claude Thibeault)
Vibration : (Zhaoheng Liu)
Vibration problems : (Rola Assi)
Vibrations : (Ruxandra Botez)
Video compression : (Stéphane Coulombe)
Video processing : (Stéphane Coulombe)
Video Surveillance : (Éric Granger)
Video transport : (Stéphane Coulombe)
Virtual and Augmented Reality : (David Labbé)
Virtual environment modeling : (Sheldon Andrews)
Virtual reality : (Eric Paquette)
Visual language : (Sylvie Ratté)
Visual Object Class Detection Classification and Pose Estimation : (Marco Pedersoli)
Visualization and optimization : (Adel Francis)
Vortex dynamics : (Louis Dufresne)

Water distribution : (Saad Bennis)
Water distribution systems modelling/operation/management : (Annie Poulin)
Water resources : (François Brissette)
Water resources management : (Michel Baraër) , (Richard Arsenault)
Waveguides : (Dominic Deslandes)
WDM transmission systems and technologies : (Christine Tremblay)
Weakly and Semi-Supervised Learning : (Marco Pedersoli)
Wearables : (Louis Rivest)
Welding metallurgy : (Jean-Luc Fihey)
Welding of thermoplastic composites : (Martine Dubé)
Wheelchair : (Rachid Aissaoui)
Wind energy : (Ambrish Chandra) , (Christian Masson)
Wind farm aerodynamics : (Christian Masson)
Wind Tunnel Testing : (Julien Weiss)
Wind Tunnel Tests : (Ruxandra Botez)
Wind turbine aerodynamics : (Christian Masson)
Wind turbine performance tests : (Christian Masson)
Wireless ad hoc networks : (Michel Kadoch)
Wireless channel characterization : (Charles Despins)
Wireless communication systems : (Georges Kaddoum)
Wireless communications : (Charles Despins) , (François Gagnon)
Wireless geolocation : (Charles Despins)
Wireless system integration : (Dominic Deslandes)
Wood structures : (Amar Khaled)
Work design and transformation : (James Lapalme)

Yield Modeling : (Claude Thibeault)